Benedict XVI Institute Newsletter | Mar 2024

In this Newsletter, you will find details on: Video of Edmonton’s Vocations Rally; Upcoming Vocations Rally in Calgary; Upcoming Events for you to join; Sacred Music Workshop, a great success; Podcast with Archbishop Smith on Vocations; New: Spotlight on Research; Free Book for donors.

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Benedict XVI Insitute Newsletter | Nov 2023

Fall has been a busy time for us here with the launch of multiple new programs and initiatives – from launching a national study on Canadian vocations, to presenting research at the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Plenary, to hosting our own national conference on vocations, a new book study-group on virtue for young adults, and much beside.

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Renewing Priestly Vocations in Canada


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The Benedict XVI Institute Releases New Research on Vocations in Canada

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2023 - The Benedict XVI Institute for New Evangelization is releasing new research on the state of vocations in Canada. The report was published today and is now available to the public. It outlines twelve key findings about the background, discernment, and seminary formation of recently ordained Canadian priests.

The research is primarily based on a survey of new ordinands to the priesthood in Canada in 2021 and 2022. It aims to discover common elements in men hearing and answering the Lord’s call to a priestly vocation. It includes influences from everything to family, devotional practices, and spiritual reading.

“This research offers invaluable insight into vocations in Canada,” said Dr. Jason West, President of Newman Theological College. “While a vocational calling is always from the Lord, this report sheds light on what factors may help a man to hear and respond to God’s call for his life.”

Benedict XVI Insitute Newsletter | Aug 2023

From time to time, we’d love to share with you some of the exciting work that the Lord is doing in our midst. From apologetics nights for young adults, to a Don Bosco Fiddle Camp for youth, to serving at this past summer’s Family Life Conference at Lac St. Anne, to conducting a first-of-its-kind survey of New Priests in Canada, we’d love you to share with us in this ministry.

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Forming Catholic Minds & Building Catholic Society

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On June 8th-11th, the Benedict XVI Institute hosted its fourth Faith and Reason Seminar, which brings Catholic leaders from all over Western Canada (and beyond!) together for a weekend of faith-filled intellectual growth and networking with others who are making a positive difference in our world. Although the event is invite-only, our internship team was given the opportunity to attend the first day of sessions, both for the experience and to lend a hand where needed.

Breaking Open the Works of the Saints

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One of the things which most drew me to the summer internship here at Newman College was the opportunity to develop my skills in ministry and experience many different outreach and formation programs. Throughout orientation week, my excitement increased as we learned about the various projects we would be taking on this summer. The first of which kicked off on May 16th, as we hosted our first-ever book study—which our internship team planned, organized and led.

Preparing for the event was a bit of a whirlwind, as our first study happened in only the second week of the internship. Luckily for us, our director Catherine had already begun to lay the groundwork with Dr. Topping. By the time we were involved, they had already selected the books, and we could jump straight into preparing. I had expected it to take weeks of orientation and office work before we could really begin any of our events, so immediately getting to work on the part of the internship I was most looking forward to was a pleasant surprise.

The Gospel and a Paint Brush: Helping Relaunch Summer Camp in the Archdiocese

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Since the 60s, Our Lady of Victory Camp has been a beloved place for youth to come and experience the love of their Lord in a real and dramatic way. I remember attending OLVC in 2014 in junior high and being a nervous wreck upon arrival. But the joy of the camp counselors and the companionship of my fellow campers had left me and hundreds of other kids with many fond memories that had me yearning to return to camp soon. Unfortunately, COVID caused OLVC (and many other summer camps) to shut down temporarily, leaving people of all ages with a taste of dreary despondence. While I saw this sense of depression among the youth at my youth group, I’ve watched it slowly fade away, and now that camps are reopening, we can look forward to summers filled with camaraderie and Jesus Culture once again! 

My First March for Life


On May 11, 2023 hundreds of people (including the Benedict XVI Interns) gathered at the Alberta Legislature in support of life. By our witness, we countered the perception that Canadians unanimously support abortion and euthanasia, and we were there to emphasize that every human life, from conception to natural death, has value and deserves protection.

There were multiple speakers at the March for Life before we marched through the streets of downtown Edmonton. They reaffirmed the value of human life, called for protection for mothers pushed to undergo an abortion, lambasted our healthcare system for compelling the elderly, disabled, and impoverished to seek assisted suicide, and highlighted the good work undertaken by numerous charities that support pregnant women, new mothers and their children, young families, and those at the end of their life. Notable in all of this is the notion that being pro-life doesn’t end at stopping abortion but ensuring, in the words of one speaker, that abortion becomes “unnecessary and ultimately unthinkable.”